Tired of mail and small packages being lost on the way to their appointed internal destination?


All large organizations can receive volumes of mail and packages each day, the challenge is knowing where they went after being received. With the A&S ParcelPackage Trackr, packages are tracked internally from the initial pick-up point to the final delivery/drop point. This eliminates time or effort spent on searching for lost mail and packages. A simple mail delivery solution developed for large organizations including Office Towers, Universities, Hospitals and other large headquarter buildings.

Receiving Packages

When packages are delivered to your department by a carrier, they are scanned into the software system and associated with the correct recipient.

When you receive a package, scan or enter information into your handheld computer such as:

  • Package ID
  • Package type (i.e. letter, box )

Our new software solution works with devices like the Honeywell CT40 and is available on Google Play Store for Android devices. Some key features include signature & image capture. MailPackage Trackr, system is capable of running on various leading handheld scanners and mobile computers including Honeywell, Zebra, and Datalogic.The software is written for Android.

Optional Feature

Allows for easy turn off/on e-mail notifications for recipients for when their mail or package has arrived.

A&S ParcelPackage Trackr

  • Reduces errors and increases accountability
  • Eliminates tracking down missing packages
  • Generates real-time reports for internal package tracking
  • Records time and date stamps for receipt and delivery of packages
  • Captures electronic signatures when packages are delivered
  • Optional feature – Automatic e-mail notifications of package arrival


  • Package receipt & delivery in Real-Time
  • Designed for use with barcode scanners and signature pads
  • Photo image capturing of packaging condition
  • Available to download for Android devices on Google Play Store
  • Barcode label printing for packages with no barcode
  • Search functionality
  • Electronic signature capture POD (date & time for receipt and delivery)
  • Multiple packages delivery processing
  • Desktop sorting and filtering
  • Manage and view active packages
  • Export data in CVS / XML formats
  • Optional e-mail receipt notification with customization message


$3000 for 5 Software Licenses. $500 for each additional license software support is 15% of licenses. Hosted databases available as extra charge.