Implementing voice technology within your warehouse environment

If you currently run a distribution center which specializes in high speed picking, implementing warehouse voice technology can allow you to experience faster throughput within the right environment. The technology is aimed to keep warehouse pickers hands free which allows them to focus on current tasks. The power of voice for workers can increase speed without negatively impacting accuracy within your warehouse operations.

How does warehouse voice picking work?

The voice picking system allows staff to focus on the picking process without the need to use paperwork. Voice picking solutions use speech recognition which allows all warehouse operations working to communicate with a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Operators tend to be equipped with either a mobile device or a terminal and a headset with a microphone.

Pickers within the warehouse are directed to specific locations through verbal communications. Once they arrive they speak into a microphone certain digits that confirm the warehouse picker is within the correct aisle and the bin location. Once the picker’s digit are validated, the picker is then provided with the quantity. After that pick quantity is completed, the picker is given the next location.

Key advantages of voice technology within a WMS

2. Improved Accuracy 

Moving away from a paper based picking system, voice eliminates errors associated with reading, writing, and data input which is susceptible to errors. In addition, it eliminates the back and forth from handling and looking at paperwork to picking the products, which is prone to losing focus on the correct product or line item.

3. Training 

Voice picking solutions are easy for your staff to learn. Since they are told what to do through voice communications, is reducing the need to train staff with instructions or printouts. The warehouse team can be brought up to speed on the technology briefly, reducing training time overall and improving productivity.

4. Management Visibility 

Voice information is communicated and recorded in real-time. This is beneficial for management to make quick decisions and changes directions. With management interaction and access to the up-to-date information it can also be helpful to employees to improve their productivity.

5. Improve your ROI 

Warehouses which are currently using paper pick systems will see ROI by removing all the manual data entry and extra staff needed running a paper pick system. Time is saved by pickers in their processes, which leads to higher levels of output.

ProVision WMS and Voice 

The Warehouse Management System voice component needs to be easy to deploy. We will recommend the best processes to deploy voice, as well as, recommend and configure the devices. We will work with your team on input and output via voice to ensure excellent functionality. For more information on proVision WMS, simply fill out the contact form today.