Implementing a WMS can provide social distancing within your operations during a global pandemic

Since the COVID-19 global pandemic has put the whole world to a halt with people having to stay indoors due to lockdown proposals from the government, more orders for essentials such as food and necessary supplies have been online. With essential businesses still operating, a WMS system within your supply chain can bring many additional benefits with efficiency within your operations and the potential to implement social distancing rules within your warehouse.

Voice Picking

One of the key benefits with voice picking technology is it allows warehouse operatives to pick stock hands free in designated zones that can minimize the contact between picks and reduce time regarding picking orders. As a standard, it’s key practice for all warehouse operatives to have their own headset but tend to share the processing device. This can potentially improve the safety for all the workers as the sharing device can be sanitised between shifts and can prevent the spread of the virus.

Implementing Social Distances for Warehouse Operatives

With social distancing becoming the norm for the foreseeable future, businesses are looking at how to implement this safety for all operatives. Technology can provide support if it includes various picking strategies to minimise the level of contact which is normally required to process various orders.

Zone Pick Strategies with a WMS

Operating with zone picking can keep all your staff safer as an individual can operate within set areas of the warehouse. Without the need to walk around the warehouse to collect various orders, operatives can be assigned within certain locations. With staff staying within their zones, they’re automatically implementing social distancing.

With proVision WMS, making some major changes within your operations and assigning warehouse operatives can keep your staff safe to carry out their tasks and remain efficient during these unprecedented times.

About proVision WMS

A product of Ahearn & Soper Inc, Provision WMS is an off-the-shelf software solution that enables distribution centers and Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies to rapidly improve warehouse operations and meet the growing customer demands. The software was created over a decade ago based on a .Net platform. It is easy to integrate with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or Transportations Management System (TMS). Development and improvements to the software is ongoing with new revisions released to the customers regularly. The company is head quartered in Toronto, Ontario and has branch offices across the nation.