How to pick orders faster with ProVision WMS

Orders have increased due to the current lockdown and closure of stores.  Having a WMS system in place can deal with the increase in volume.  You will be able to increase your output without increasing staff or warehouse size.  This will also give management visibility to make better decisions in further improve operations.  Gain the long-term benefits for your business with ProVision WMS. Discover how to pick orders faster with ProVision WMS.

Accurate Inventory

ProVision WMS will give you detailed real-time information on all current inventory.  This will reduce time searching for products, stock outs and write-downs.

Improved order efficiency

A Warehouse Management System can connect directly with e-commerce software to allow a seamless flow from order to shipment.  Customers receive correct delivery times based on inventory accuracy.

Eliminate Physical Inventory Counts

annual physical inventory counts can be eliminated with a WMS, saving the company from the extra hours and downtime.  Cycle counting and inventory monitoring processes replace the need to do annual physical counts.  Your inventory remains accurate all year long instead of once per year.

Cost Effective Solution

A WMS system properly implemented should always return more money than it cost.  Typical return on investment is less than two years and some customers even pay for it within months because of the operational improvements.  The largest areas for cost justifications are in either expense reduction or increased revenue output.

Optimize potential warehouse space

Warehouses are limited in space so maximizing what you have will maximize profits.  Product SKU’s need to be properly identified to fit more products in the smallest area space.  Storage can also be maximized by have bulk storage and picking areas. Warehouse Picking areas can be designed to have the best flow according to product placement.  In addition, WMS software can manage unit selection and FIFO rules.

ProVision WMS

ProVision Warehouse Management System is a versatile solution that provides the tools to management in order to co-ordinate order fulfilment, provide excellent customer service, track labor output and improve decision-making within your supply chain. ProVision WMS is built for small to medium sized companies in North America to improve their warehouse operations and order picking methods. Request an online demo today.