Can a WMS improve my E-Commerce operations? 

Warehouse Management Systems are an essential solution to manage your current inventory online. Implementing a WMS has the potential to increase sales for your business without the requirements to employ more staff within your current operations. This gives you complete flexibility to mange your overall business with real-time data and reports when necessary.

Here are some of the main reasons why a Warehouse Management System is important for your E-commerce business.


  • Record all current stock to show product availability and provide accurate ETA’s to customers online, it is essential that you have the accurate inventory. With a Warehouse Management System, it ensures up to date information and has the full functionality to keep your customers informed of all current stock. WMS location and processing systems allows for timely shipments. This replacing the old fashion annual physical count further saving money long-term.


  • Specific Stock Selection – When implementing a WMS, you can have the system to ensure it uses specific picking routines to pick a product. This has the benefit of using First In First Out (FIFO), to minimise products sitting on the shelf too long to be saleable. In addition, you can setup specific expiry date rules, and pick products in different unit values to match your online cost structure.


  • Optimise space within the warehouse – space comes at a cost which can be reduced on a per unit basis when you maximise the space you have. WMS systems have methods for organising products more efficiently by placing them in the right sized location, higher volume products strategically positioned, complementary products near each other, or separating picking and bulk storage. Not only is space utilised more, but goods pass through the warehouse more rapidly producing a higher inventory turn rate.

When you are selecting a WMS, make sure you go through all the system setup features and processes to ensure it is configurable to meet your needs and provide a flexible solution.

About proVision WMS

A product of Ahearn & Soper Inc, Provision WMS is an off-the-shelf software solution that enables distribution centers and Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies to rapidly improve warehouse operations and meet the growing customer demands. The software was created over a decade ago based on a .Net platform. It is easy to integrate with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or Transportations Management System (TMS). Development and improvements to the software is ongoing with new revisions released to the customers regularly. The company is head quartered in Toronto, Ontario and has branch offices across the nation.