How implementing a WMS can deliver a huge ROI for your business 

When considering a Warehouse Management System (WMS), one of the biggest challenges revolves around the ROI. Implementing a WMS will help with the management and optimization of various processes in the warehouse. This in turn will also raise customer satisfaction. Discover how implementing a WMS can deliver a huge ROI.

Below are some of the key areas in which a Warehouse Management System can bring overall success.

Inventory Management

One of the main features of a Warehouse Management System is to improve current stock control and tracking. Inaccurate inventory leads to overstocking products to cover for cases when there could be an unexpected stock out. In addition, inaccurate inventory means there are products on the shelf that no one knows about to sell. Both cases mean more money is tied up in inventory than necessary and leads to more inventory write-offs in the end. With a Warehouse Management System, it can provide real-time visibility regarding stock levels. it ensures inventory accuracy, which is essential to fulfilling customer demands. Your business will know what stock is on hand and help avoid overstocking.


Warehouse Space Management

With implementing a Warehouse Management System, you will organize your warehouse and goods in the most efficient way to optimize productivity and storage. Good placement by volume, size of products, and unit values will help improve picking. Put-away features ensure each product is kept in the right place. Bulk storage keeps items in reserve and out of the way from picking lines. Products are arranged to be picked faster based on pre-set paths, zones and assignments. A WMS also ensure picking accuracy, which will reduce shipping errors and missed deliveries. This will make sure you meet Service Level Agreements (SLA) to avoid any potential penalties or lost business from customers.

Integrating Emerging Technologies

Using a WMS allows companies to maximise the use of leading edge technology. This includes portable equipment, barcode scanning, wireless networks, voice recognition, RFID, IoT, Robotics, Cloud Computing and links to other software systems. To remain competitive, companies must continue to evaluate any technology that will help their business improve output and reduce expenses. A WMS has the functionality to evolve your business by using the latest technology to make the warehouse more automated.

ProVision WMS

ProVision Warehouse Management System is a versatile solution provided by Ahearn & Soper. Our software provides the tools to co-ordinate order fulfilment, provide excellent customer service, track labour output and improve decision-making. ProVision WMS  is built for small to medium sized companies in North America to improve their warehouse operations. Request a Demonstration today.