Ensure quicker picking with a Warehouse Management System

Customer’s expectations on quick deliveries has been growing rapidly over the past years. In order for companies to retain their customers, they have to find ways to meet the customer’s expectations with faster order delivery times yet keep cost down.

Increasing staff members, space, or equipment will add to the warehouse expenses without having the needed impact. Further automation within the current framework is a better solution.

One of the many benefits of a Warehouse Management System is that there is a pay-off. For each dollar spend producing a Return-On-Investment (ROI). A Warehouse Management System allows your current staff to work smarter with existing resources in the warehouse. To help achieve faster picking for customer orders in addition to more accuracy.

This is achieved by automatically directing staff through the system. On where to pick the products and how to perform picks. Picks can be organized in the most efficient manor on how orders are processed.

A WMS can support the whole picking process. By grouping the orders which will improve the workflow for picking. A prime example could be to sequence item picks for an order. Which can minimizes the picker’s walking distance throughout your warehouse.

To further increase efficiency within your operations, pickers could handle multiple orders within a single journey through the warehouse whilst minimizing walking distance and time.

One of the benefits of ProVision WMS is that it can be used to manage zone picking. Pickers can be assigned to different warehouse zones where your staff can pick items within their zones.

This also minimizes the travel distance of a picker and coordinates the picking of multiple orders across multiple zones. Group of orders can then be dropped off in a packing area for further separation of each order.

Many warehouses operate off a FIFO (First In First Out) system. But don’t have the means to organize it in the picking process. With a good Warehouse Management System, items are pre-allocated to each pick in advance. So that the correct items is chosen.

By using pre-allocation it also ensures that two pickers don’t go to pick the same item. Whereby one ends up having to go searching again for the same thing. In addition, ProVision has the ability to combine in Best Before dates. Which can be specific according to customer demands. This ensures less write-offs in expired products.

ProVision WMS has the functionality to increase the speed and efficiency. Regarding warehouse picking operations which can accommodate your customers shipping demands. These increases in warehouse efficiency is also possible without forgoing operational flexibility.

Warehousing goods is a large investment and ongoing expense. A good WMS has the functionality to get the products through it as fast as possible to maximize that investment. For further information on our Warehouse Management Solution, contact us today.