The demands on food and beverage through the supply chain continue to increase each year. Tracking and compliance for safety, expiration dates, and regulations need to be in place. This requires the software tools to support the needs of each customer’s requirements. Even with these in place, efficiency and throughput are still critical to customer satisfaction. Implementing a WMS helps to meet the requirements of throughput, delivery, lot tracking and reporting.

Implementing technology allows companies to minimize expenses while increasing output, which leads to higher revenue. It also provides management with the visibility needed to ensure proper food compliance. Here are the ways that purchasing a WMS can enhance your food and beverage fulfillment operations.

Improve Traceability 

Barcode systems allow for scanning product on each movement. Scanning lot codes allows for the easy backwards tracing. Of where products came from and went. This is critical in a quarantine or recall situation. Products can be followed up and down the entire supply chain to deal with any issues.


Warehouse Management Systems house the data provided from a barcode system. This gives management visibility on the movement of products. Within the warehouse as well as all the steps taken by which employees.

This information is key to decision making and direction of people and goods. Current inventory is always up to date and available to whoever needs it. The ability to track, view and manage all inventory within this part of the supply chain can boosts current orders and accuracy regarding shipments.

Greater turnover

Greater volumes of orders does not necessary mean bigger warehouses. The proper systems will allow a warehouse to move products in and out faster. This will increase revenues and inventory turns without a need for larger space or more employees.

In turn, products sit on the shelf for shorter periods. Making them fresher and less likely to be written off due to expiry. To meet the ebb and flow of volumes, a WMS helps ensure you can handle the volume.

Voice Picking

Some food products require pickers to have free use of both hands. This can be done with voice enabled pick instructions and confirmations. This avoid handling of a terminal and keypad entry. It can increase throughput and accuracy as information is transferred quicker and avoid key entry errors. It can also allow an employee to work faster.

Lower Operational Expenses

Using a WMS has proven to require less resources than warehouses operating without a WMS. Output can go up with the same resources, typically over 25% more output. Output can remain the same with fewer people, typically 25% less people.

In addition, a WMS makes it easier to follow instruction on handheld terminals. In addition, there are settings to regulate tasks staff can perform or prevent workers from making simple mistakes. This gives management the flexibility to quickly ramp up production to deal with increases in demand.

Reduced Training

Food business can be seasonal, placing different demands on the warehouse throughout the year. Part time staff can be hired and quicky trained to use automated processes and technology. Workers are given easy to follow instructions on a terminal or via voice instructions. Error checking routines can also prevent mistakes. This allows a warehouse to operate with less fulltime staff.

ProVision WMS Benefits for Food and Beverage Industries

  •  Maintain real-time inventory information of food, beverage and ingredients inventory using RF equipment and barcodes.
  •  Ability to record and track lot number, expiry dates, and best-before dates.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry errors
  • Streamlining inventory management, storage and preservation of food and beverages
  • Flexibility in configuration; easily tailored to your warehouse needs
  • Integrating with your ERP or TMS systems

Implementing technology in the food and beverage sector can make immediate improvements in your operations. This will lower expenses, improve output and provide greater commitments to customers. It enables companies to grow and to achieve profits that were previously not possible.

ProVision WMS is a versatile solution which provides the tools to manage and co-ordinate. Order fulfillment, customer service, labor output and improve decision making overall. This tool will save you money and pay for itself in a short period. It has the flexibility to handle diverse application requirements and help your business grow. To learn more about ProVision WMS solutions or how we can help to achieve all your business goals, request a demonstration today.