If you are not using a Warehouse Management System (WMS) yet, then you are not utilizing the full capabilities of your warehouse. This will reduce the efficiency and output of your operations. If other parts of the supply chain are contingent on your business, it will have a ripple effect on the entire Supply Chain, causing slowdowns and disruptions down the line. A WMS will help optimize your end of the supply chain and meet customer expectations on information and delivery.

What are the instant impacts for your warehouse operations?

Inventory Accuracy

A Warehouse Management System records the flow and movement of all inventory with the use of barcode technology. Management will have visibility to all inventory down to the locations, as well as, time stamp logs of all movement. Inventory accuracy will be nearly 100% at all times.

Real – Time access

All people, products and processes are instantly updated in real time through the use of Radio Frequency technology and handheld terminals. The key is that there is a process in the software for management to see all the data that they require. WMS software has out of the box tools to assess the Key performance Indicators (KPI’s) which will show how efficient the processes and people are. It also has key information for staff to inform customers with accurate data.

Reduce warehouse costs

After implementing a WMS, companies have found that they can do more with less. Typically it takes about 25% less staff to produce the same output. In other words, companies find they can increase output with the same staff by 25%, handling and processing more orders and products than ever before. A WMS also makes it easier to train temporary staff to deal with seasonal volumes.

Fully optimized warehouse

A WMS improves the processes in a warehouse. Picking, put-away, storage management. packaging, labeling and shipping are all routines in the software setup to maximize speed, yet ensure accuracy. Personnel can be organized by separated tasks to perform an entire routine.

Better Staff Management

The use of KPI’s can tell you all you need to know about your staff. You will have real data to evaluate their performance. You also have the ability to regulate the tasks of each employee depending on their skill set or access to areas. The technology used will provide everyone direction on their tasks and have systems in place to prevent errors.

Impacts of WMS within your supply chain

Enhanced Customer Service

People relying on you need to know the details of their goods, such as current inventory and delivery details. This information can be automatically updated for them to see online in a portal or directly emailed. Enhanced visibility will ensure higher levels of customers satisfaction.

Stronger supplier relationships

Your increased warehouse abilities will lead to increased sales. This will make you a more valuable customer to your suppliers. In addition, you will have the ability to better manage and forecast inventory thus smoothing out the purchase process for them.

Additional Safety

Whenever there is a product recall, everyone in the Supply Chain has to reverse what has already been done. This means accurate details down to lot and serial tracking on every order is necessary. With the proper tracking in place, it is possible to rapidly implement and process a product recall.

A WMS will have tremendous benefits for your company, your suppliers and your customers. It will increase productivity and reduce costs. Your communications with suppliers and customers will improve, as well as your throughput. It will provide Management the key indicators to make decisions for company and make plans to increase sales.

About ProVision WMS

ProVision Warehouse Management System is a versatile solution, which provides management with tools to co-ordinate fulfillment. We provide excellent customer service, continuous software improvement and all the necessary technology for a total solution. ProVision WMS is built for small to medium sized companies in North America. Looking to improve your warehouse operations? Discover what some of the benefits when implementing ProVision WMS by contacting us today.