Vertical Lift Modules – Warehouse Storage Solution

What are Vertical Lift Modules?

A Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is a storage system, which consists of parallel columns divided into fixed shelf solutions that can move up and down, like an elevator. It has the functionality to hold trays for small parts or skids for larger heavier items. These modules store the goods out of the way and can automatically recall the proper level for goods to be picked.

The main features of VLM’s are to maximize height usage within a small space. One of the key benefits of a vertical lift modules are that goods can be contained in a closed structure. The goods can then be moved to bottom level at the front where the storage can be opened and picked safely.

What are the benefits vertical lift modules?

Increased Picking Rates

Because the products are mechanically moved to pickers, instead of pickers walking or diving to products, they can reach the items faster. Pickers also have the ability to gather a greater number of goods at a time. Pickers can go to each VLM for a pick, or you can setup a stationary picker at one VLM, while they hand off goods to another picker who moves across VLM’s to complete orders. With the instinctive design of a VLM, companies can achieve increases in the average pick rates.

Increased Safety Features

One key feature with VLMs is the reduction of having people go up to higher heights to get product or having heavy machinery items from high up. Keeping everything at ground level reduces the risk associated with elevated employees and products. Some of the safety features with Vertical Lift Modules can include shutter doors that keeps items secure until the item is safe to access. Safer storage solutions implemented in your operations can cut down on employee injuries and provide a safer work environment.

Eliminate wasted floor space

Using Vertical Lift Modules can help you take full advantage of all unused vertical height available within your warehouse. In addition, because you do not need to use vehicles to retrieve goods from high up, the floor space needed for vehicle traffic can be reduced. This makes room for more isles of products, possibly in areas a traditional racking system could not fit. VLM’s can be a way to increase space in your warehouse within the same square footage.

Better Security

If your goods are of high value, VLM’s reduce product access, which can lower theft. All goods can be locked away and control can be taken over by management on when and how their goods are opened up for removal. Shelved have restricted access to ensure all items picked are going against an order. A reduction in shrinkage will have a positive impact on your inventory accuracy.

Vertical Lift Modules can deliver many benefits within a warehouse. If you are lookin to automate your warehouse further, we can assist. VLM’s can be part of your warehouse planning and incorporated into a WMS. ProVision WMS can integrate into VLM systems of various makes to help manage your operations.

This maximizes the performance of picking, put-away and storage, as well as gives management visibility and full control. To learn more about connecting a Vertical Lift Modules and our WMS, contact us today.


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