Best practices and tips for Warehouse Labeling when using a Warehouse Management System

A well-designed labeling strategy is essential to every warehouse. Incorporating this strategy will help avoid misplacing merchandise and reduce wasted movement. If the goal is to increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies, a labeling system that is tailored to your ware-house could be a game-changer. ProVision WMS team have a wealth of expertise and experience in developing a barcode labeling strategy.

Stick with Industry Standards

While there are many ways to customize the layouts and labeling strategies within a warehouse, best practices exist for a reason. Years of combined knowledge from countless warehouse operators have provided an industry standard that reflects the best general approach to labeling. The industry standard starts with careful numbering and barcoding. All shelving or racks should be numbered and barcoded from the ground up. These approaches give the warehouse room to grow.

Image example of a warehouse with labeling

Why use Barcodes in a Warehouse ?

Efficiency in a warehouse requires moving bulk containers and individual products smoothly through several unique steps. Using spreadsheets and manual data entry to preform inventory counts and other activities can lead to errors and prevent warehouse staff from responding to changes quickly. Warehouse barcode labels allow staff to tag warehouse location with a label that can be scanned at any time.

Warehouse Barcodes provide benefits

• Faster order processing speed
• Reduced clerical and operating costs
• Fewer errors
• Greater inventory and cycle count accuracy
• Excellent scalability for future expansions
• A professional and organized warehouse layout

ProVision WMS has the expertise to help you create an initial barcode plan.

Three tips for how to choose the right Barcode Scanner

Think about Air Quality

Is there a high level of dust in your warehouse?

What about sawdust or other small particles?

The answer is yes, make sure you look at the Ingress protection (IP) rating of any model you consider.
Look for a IP rating of at least 68.

What are your Lighting conditions ?

Is your warehouse a low light level environment or a high/full light level environment?

Lower brightness on your barcode scanner is suitable for a low light environment, but you will need a higher brightness if you plan to use the barcode scanner in bright warehouse.

What type of Barcode will you be scanning?

When scanning barcodes, consider the code type and scanning distance. 2D imaging is appropriate for any type of barcode scanning. Linear barcode scan engines are appropriate for only 1D barcodes.

If you’ll need to scan from long range, look for a scanner with advanced long range or extended range capability. These scanners can read with either laser scanning or 2D imaging from 45 to 50 feet.

Whatever the lighting conditions  in your warehouse ProVision WMS have expert product managers, to help in recommending the right barcode scanners.

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