Five ways to increase profit and reduce costs within your warehouse

With businesses currently dealing with current price increases and slower supply chain issues, the main objective each year is to increase profits. Which is why it is essential that warehouse productivity increases and to look at how operational costs can decrease. Here are five ways to increase profit and reduce costs within your warehouse.

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The management of your current warehouse environment is the main entity of your whole supply chain. From the optimization of current processes, customer enquiries which overall ensures inventory profitability. In general, it can be easy to forget that inventory equals a substantial amount of money, so it’s crucial that costs can be minimized through management and a detailed overview of your current supply chain operations.

ProVision WMS has the capacity to help within these unprecedented times to ensure that your business thrives. Here are the 5 ways to increase profit and reduce costs within your warehouse.

Inventory Visibility

To scale your current warehouse environment, having visibility into your inventory is important so you can manage your company’s business and meet all your current customers expectations. It can also be beneficial with the reach of new customers either online or from different retail trends.

This can in general be overlooked by business owners due to other responsibilities within different areas. It can also be seen as an annoyance to rely on current employees’ memory in locating products.

Ensuring visibility of your current inventory across your supply chain requires a thorough assessment of challenges. With the sourcing of the solution to improve your inventory will potentially be much easier and include a combination of hardware such as barcode scanners and a range of automation technologies which ProVision WMS can provide.

Theft Prevention

Theft can be a growing and widespread issue which in the long term leads to inventory shrinkage. This can be difficult to prevent with the large amount of goods that pass through a warehouse. This can be tricky to identify any culprits when stock goes missing due to theft or more simply when inventory has been misplaced. Some of the warning signs could be rumours regarding theft, unusual invoices and stock levels which currently don’t match your sales records.

Being able to get on top of any thefts within your business will in the long-term increase profits.

The Correct Technology

At the start of the pandemic, a lot of businesses had to adjust swiftly to e-commerce to keep their operations running. Having a WMS solution which is scalable and gives you the confidence to improve all functions within your supply chain.

Implementing ProVision WMS software can help businesses find solutions for a variety of challenges such as improving visibility and inventory management. This can include stock concerns or new trends. A WMS can save you time and allow you to make important decisions.

Cross Docking

Another way businesses can reduce warehouse costs would be to implement cross docking especially when supply chains are under intense pressures. This would be the transfer of stock from suppliers directly to the customer which in hindsight cuts out the middleman and reduces additional costs.

Not only does this save money on storage and product but also on delivery. There are various forms of cross docking but primarily depends on the product being shipped.

  • – Pure cross dock
  • – Flow through
  • – Ship to mark for
  • – Merge in transit

The cross-docking concept can provide businesses a solid solution to ensure a successful optimized supply chain, however it can come with associated risks which businesses should consider before implementing them as a normal operating procedure.


One common mistake businesses can make when it refers to benchmarking is not defining goals and best practices within your warehouse. With benchmarking it can set an ideal standard and gives insight in where and what is currently going wrong. This can make it much easier to rectify current processes to get all your employees moving in the right direction. In the long run, it will keep your customers happy and increase profits.

ProVision WMS can streamline your processes and create greater efficiencies

ProVision WMS can provide businesses benefits across your entire supply chain. Warehouse Management Systems are an essential solution to manage your current inventory online. Implementing a warehouse management system has the potential to increase sales for your business without the requirements to employ more staff within your current operations.

ProVision WMS has the functionality to increase the speed and efficiency. Regarding warehouse picking operations which can accommodate your customers shipping demands. These increases in warehouse efficiency are also possible without forgoing operational flexibility.

Warehousing goods is a large investment and ongoing expense. A good Warehouse Management System has the functionality to get the products through it as fast as possible to maximize that investment.

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