Covid – 19 Update


Dear Customer:

The business world is full of uncertainties as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses.  We would like to do our part in reducing at least a small part of that uncertainty by communicating with you about our operational status in the present challenging environment.

All of our sales, service, support, logistics, development and implementation operations remain fully deployed and as always we are available to assist you with your Automatic ID and Data Capture requirements.  We are pleased to report that our Equipment Vendors and their distribution channels are taking special steps to support our timely delivery of products against your requirements, even with supply chain disruptions.  Our sales, service, support and project management staff can be reached easily through all the normal communications channels.

We take business continuity seriously in this crisis so we have taken the following steps to make sure that we will continue to be able to serve you throughout this crisis:

  • – Our short term disability program has been expanded to encourage employees to self report and self isolate without fear of income interruption
  • – We have educated our employees on proper hygiene and on how to identify COVID-19 symptoms
  • – Our offices are being disinfected on a daily basis
  • – Employee’s with ANY respiratory illness are required to absent themselves from work
  • – We have implemented social distancing in our offices
  • – Visitors to our offices are screened prior to entry
  • – Internal Meetings are only held when an E-meeting is not possible and if proper social distancing can be maintained in the meeting
  • – We are still available for customer meetings, but can also offer E-meetings
  • – A work from home program has been put in place
  • – We have taken steps to ensure that we have redundant human resources for all critical corporate functions

If you have any questions for us not answered here, please feel free to contact your normal representative.  Since the situation with COVID-19 is very fluid we will continue to update you from time to time. Stay safe and let’s all pull together to put this crisis behind us.

Yours truly

John Paul
President, CEO Ahearn & Soper Inc.