New Releases and Updates

ProVision WMS  V.2.2.3 Release Notes

ProVision WMS are pleased to announce the latest version of our Warehouse Management Solution, designed for small to medium size businesses within North America. The release of proVision WMS V.2.2.3 includes new features, which optimize warehouse efficiencies as well as operational task functionality.

Some of these features include:

1. Web portal enhancements

2. Full Serial number tracking

3. Single scan functionality
a) The warehouse operations can be configured to operate using a single scan operation that can contain multiple data elements. The data elements that can be included in the barcode are “item code”, “Lot”, “Qty”, “serial number”

4. Proof of delivery with PDA signature capture

5. Single order with partial shipments

6. GTIN support
– Item cross references can now be linked to a specific Unit of Measure.In addition, each unit of measure can have specific dimensions/weight. Users set this up using a PC or using RF. In addition, users have the option of recording UOM dimensions / weight during the receiving process.
– When a user scans a barcode that is linked to a specific item/UOM, the system automatically knows the base UOM quantity being handled since the UOM factors have been defined in the item master.

7. Enhanced put-away logic
– This has more flexibility and can be item/UOM specific. Users can define different put-away rules when dealing with Each’s vs Cartons vs Pallets. The put-away logic is used during receiving or moves.

8. Enhanced picking logic
– There are more options available and different picking logic can now be assigned to different items

9. Support for Variable-qty serial numbers, this is where a serial number has a variable quantity of each’s.

10. Receiving has been enhanced to:

a) Optionally set a flag stating that all inventory being received must be place on a pallet

b) Optionally set a flag which will check if there are any orders that require inventory being received. This can result in either the inventory being left on a floor or picked/staged right away. This can prevent pickers from having to travel to racks to retrieve the inventory required for orders. This works like a scaled down cross-dock.