ProVision Order QC

ProVision Order QC

Reduce shipping errors with OrderQC from ProVision. Quality control check of picked items against your ERP

Reduce shipping errors due to mispicks

Login with a Android based Device

Scan in a order, pulled from the ERP

Validate the contents & quantity

Additional Features

There are two different ways to log inventory depending on the makeup of volume

Simple scan mode

Each scan of a product barcode counts quantity one of that item

High quantity order verification

After scanning an item, the user enters the quantity of units.

Activity log reports

are available on which orders were checked, what items were checked and which staff members did the checking.

Ease of implementation and upgrades

OrderQC customers are eligible for discounts when upgrading to other ProVision WMS packages

OrderQC application is pre-configured and works excellent with the Honeywell CK65. Discover more about our parcel tracking application.
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