Pick, Pack and Ship (PPS)

What is Pick,Pack and Ship?

Pick, Pack and Ship is a scaled down warehouse software that only handles the picking, packing and shipping portion of warehouse functions. It is ideal for any warehouse not yet using a WMS but looking to upgrade some current manual processes. Inventory, Employee, Customer and Workflow definitions are setup and stored in the software. The PPS solution accepts sales orders directly from an ERP in order to initiate the entire process.


The picking process can be defined on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis between orders and pickers. The items to pick can be views on a hand held terminal or on a printed sheet. Good can be picked in the order set by the ERP or by weight to keep the heaviest products on the bottom. Barcode scanning ensures the right products are picked for each order. Additional labeling can be done while picking as needed.


The packing process is an additional step that can be added to the workflow that will provide additional accuracy validation. The use of totes and packing station can help with work order flow. Carton content information can be recorded as boxes are packed. Labels can be generated automatically according to specific customer requirements with our integrated label generation software.


Important shipment details can be recorded such as containers ID’s, weights, carrier tracking reference and freight cost. A packing slip is generated to go with each shipment. The system can integrate with a variety of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) to determine the best shipping method. Our direct connection will provide all the carton and shipping information for a seamless transition.

We offer a simple Pick, Pack, and Ship (PPS) solution for companies looking to ensure orders are fulfilled accurately. The PPS solution accepts order pick instructions from an ERP application. It comes in two different flavors depending on how you deal with inventory locations. The WMS Pick, Pack and Ship package is built on the same platform as our WMS and can easily migrate to the full proVision WMS.

ProVision WMS Pick, Pack and Ship Benefits:

Order management tools allow you to prioritize orders, perform status checks, consolidate orders and track activities

Integrates with your ERP to eliminate data entry errors and costs

Increases your picking accuracy & efficiency using mobile handhelds

Quickly generate item-specific labels

UCC-compliance labeling

Integrate to carrier API/TMS for carrier-compliant shipping labels

ProVision WMS Shipping Features

Pick Sort

RF Hardware Enabled

Portable Printer Compatability

Carton Content

Shipment Rate Shop

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