ProVision WMS 3PL

ProVision WMS 3PL Overview

Simplify your operation with ProVision WMS Solutions built for your 3PL. We optimize your processes so you can react in real-time to your clients’ dynamic needs.

The ProVision WMS 3PL version is built to provide high levels of flexibility for the 3PL’s clients. We improve the 3PL’s ability to react quickly to dynamic client needs while providing efficiency and accuracy in tracking, monitoring, and assigning specific services to all billable warehouse events.

The solution is 3PL-centric that combines built-in warehouse management features with advanced multi-client 3PL capabilities that you define to meet the demands of each unique client, with their ever-changing business rules.

The 3PL solution comes with all the base features of the Warehouse Management Solution, plus additional features tailored for your 3PL. With ProVision 3PL, each of your clients can have specifically-configured processing rules that conform to their requirements.

To address the unique billing requirements of 3PLs, ProVision WMS offers a flexible 3PL Billing Module. The Module allows users to define rules by which 3PL clients are billed for services, by providing a flexible matrix that outlines the rates and charges applied to related activities.

In addition to the standard Inbound Handling and Storage, Inventory Storage Renewals and Outbound Handling Charges, users can create user-definable events and corresponding charges. The ProVision Web Portal option allows each Client to view their inventory and their transactions, as well as have the capability of manually managing their warehouse receipts and orders.

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Billing Module

We offer you a comprehensive Billing Module with flexible features to help you keep track of and bill for the handling and storage of your clients’ items. With our billing matrix, you can have a quick overview of each client’s events and the respective charges.

proVision WMS - 3PL Billing Module

Client Portal

Our Client Portal gives your clients complete visibility of their inventory. With a range of features, your client can

See history of their transactions and inventory levels

Easily track inbound/outbound orders and shipments

Input details for sales and purchase orders

Input details for sales and purchase orders

View or upload transaction records

proVision WMS Dashaboard Example

ProVision WMS 3PL Features

Client Web Portal

Multi-Client Inventory Ownership

3PL Billing and Customer Reporting

User Defined Business Logic on a per Client Basis

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