ProVision WMS Lite 

What is ProVision WMS Lite?
Increase Warehouse Accuracy and Efficiency with ProVision WMS Lite. WMS Lite is the ideal solution for less complex warehouse operations and a simple process flow. Our software is preconfigured to perform industry standard practices in the processes of receiving, put-away, storage, picking, shipping and many other routines. Additionally, you can receive vital statistics on labour, volume and time spent on each activity.


The benefits of ProVision WMS Lite: 

Rapid deployment

Ideal solution for small scale business warehouse operations

Keep track of all warehouse activities in real-time

Move inventory in a logical way that optimizes your warehouse operation

Flexibility in configuration; easily tailored to your warehouse need

Integrating with your ERP or TMS systems

ProVision WMS Lite Features

User Configurable Business Logic

Integrate with your Host

Integrate with your Shipping System

User Definable Pick Planning

Directed Putaway

Lot Control

Full Serialized Tracking

UPC / GTIN Support

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