Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

ProVision Warehouse Management Systems has a solution designed just for your Third Party Logistics (3PL). We will help you manage the challenges of your client needs. Our main goal is your profitability. Getting you there means bringing you the best technology and top field experts to navigate you to higher productivity and efficiency levels.

Third Party Logistics (3PL) operations have different needs than a standard distribution center. The primary difference is that 3PL’s do not own the inventory. Since the inventory they store is not theirs, it is critical that the inventory is accurate, managed efficiently, and sub-divided by owners properly. A WMS is critical for ensuring a smooth operation at a 3PL.

3PLs typically have different handling and invoicing requirements per customer. A WMS has to have the flexibility to handle the unique requirements of each customer. Rules need to be in place to treat the orders from one customer’s transactions different from another. Specific instructions need to be set up for handling, picking, staging, and shipping for each individual product. In addition, different labelling specifications may be required for some end destinations.

3PL customers require real time information of their inventory. Web portals are used to communicate to customers, giving them the full visibility of their goods, yet remain private to them only. Radio Frequency terminals using barcodes scanning technology updates the WMS and web portal instantly. Pages can be set up to ensure all the critical information is available to customers.

A 3PL replaces the need for their customers to do their own warehousing. To be cost effective, 3PLs need to do a better job of managing goods than their customers can. They have to offer competitive pricing and ensure their own profitability. A WMS maximises the competitiveness of a 3PL.

Benefits of ProVision WMS

Define client-specific inventory management rules

Confidently perform inventory reconciliation through the tracking of lot numbers, expiration dates, etc

Eliminate the complexity of invoicing for services with client-defined activity-based billing

We offer flexible per client setup to accommodate your 3PL processes and scales to fit as your operation grows.

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