Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Overview

Third Party Logistics (3PL’s) do not own their own inventory which requires different methods to manage a warehouse.  Their customer’s trust them to ensure their inventory is accurate, managed efficiently, and sub-divided by each owner properly. 3PLs also have different handling and invoicing requirements per customer.  Unique instructions need to be applied to each customer regarding handling, picking, staging, and shipping. Different labelling specifications may be required for some end destinations. 3PL customers require up to date information about their inventory which needs to be accessible online. Radio Frequency terminals using barcodes scanning technology need to be deployed to ensure real time accurate information.

ProVision Warehouse Management Systems has a solution designed just for your Third Party Logistics (3PL). We will help you manage the challenges of your client needs. Our main goal is your profitability. Getting you there means bringing you the best technology and top field experts to navigate you to higher productivity and efficiency levels.

Built in WMS features

proVision WMS 3PL has built-in warehouse management features with advanced multi client 3PL capabilities that you define to meet the demands of each unique client.

Tailored made Solutions

The 3PL solution comes with all the base features of the Warehouse Management Solution, plus additional tailored for your 3PL.

Flexible Billing Module

We offer a flexible billing module that allows you to define a specific set of rules you can tailor your 3PL billing services to each of your clients by providing a flexible matrix that outline the rates and charges applied to each activity.

Web Portal View

The proVision WMS web portal option allows each of your clients to view their inventory and their transactions, as well as have the capability of manually managing their warehouse receipts and orders.

proVision WMS Third Party Logistics (3PL) solutions

proVision WMS is designed to increase your warehouse efficiencies, productivity, eliminate shipping errors and increase inventory accuracy. It contains Flexible Business Logic, user level permission control of management functions and data access. provision WMS is a software solution that will put you ahead of the game and keep you in control of your warehouse operations.

proVision WMS Standard

Ideal solution for less complex warehouse operations.

proVision WMS 3PL

All the features of a WMS, plus additional features tailored for your 3PL.

proVision WMS Pro

Versatile WMS software comes with tailored flexible features you need to effectively manage your warehouse operations.
Provision WMS 3PL

proVision WMS 3PL

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