Warehouse Management System (WMS)

What is a Warehouse Management System?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software package that is specialised to manage the overall operations within a warehouse. It includes the directing of personnel and tracking of inventory throughout all processes. One of the key benefits of the application is that all users work off a centralized system where tasks are handled using real-time mobile devices while moving throughout the warehouse. This improves the accuracy and efficiency of the staff. A Warehouse Management System also provides businesses with better visibility of inventory. This will help provide useful information for customer delivery and purchasing replenishment.

What does a Warehouse Management System do?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows management to set up a structure for employees and product movement. Each employee can have a set of rules on access to zones, picking, and tasks. Each order can be set up with specific flows and different picking strategies. The warehouse locations can be set up with regard to product organization to maximize storage. Zones can be set for bulk storage verse pick-able areas. Customers can have preferences for picking and labeling. Additional configurations are possible for Receiving, QA Inspection, Directed Put-Away, Replenishment, Counting, Inventory Moves, Staging, and Shipping. For more information on how implementing provision WMS can be more efficient for your business visit our warehouse overview page.

What are the benefits of a Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse Management Software can automate manual processes which can enable central control and visibility for all procedures. This will reduce paperwork and the need for doing things off memory. Some of the other benefits of a warehouse management system include:

Inventory Control and Accuracy

One of the main functions of a warehouse management system (WMS) is to improve all stock control and tracking. Ideally, you will be able to assist clients with goods and products that they want and keep up to date with relevant stock information.

Cost Savings

Having more staff within your operations normally means you have higher overheads. A WMS system will optimize processes so you can get more done with fewer people. In addition, it is easy to bring on board staff as training is much quicker and easier.

Warehouse Space

Having enough storage space is important for an effective warehouse operation. A warehouse management system can be designed to store items based on throughput, size, date, lot, packaging, and other characteristics to maximize space as well minimize time to locate. In addition, because inventory is more accurate, fewer goods are required to make up for stock-outs.

Enhance Customer Service

With a warehouse management system, since all the previous paperwork is stored electronically, it enables immediate visibility of tickets, packing lists, and reports. Streamlining all processes from order to delivery allows for more accurate delivery dates to customers which will reduce customer complaints and improve customer service.

Reduce Lost Inventory

Barcodes and other technologies are used in a WMS system to eliminate the errors of miscommunication. Each item, location, and order is scanned to ensure accurate placement and shipments. Cycle counting is also used to ensure the inventory is accurate and reduce the need for an annual physical count.

ProVision WMS provides bold solutions which help your business grow


ProVision WMS Pro 

ProVision WMS Pro is for mid-sized companies requiring more analysis in their operations and has additional features to conform to more complex warehouse processes. As with all ProVision offerings, it has features designed to eliminate shipping errors and increase inventory accuracy. Various enterprise tools are available or can be customized, in order to achieve reports on employee output. Managing multiple warehouses through a seamless process of selecting the most efficient route can be attained. A larger number of employees and additional ones are not an issue as there are unlimited licenses.

ProVision WMS 3PL

The ProVision WMS 3PL version is built to provide high levels of flexibility for the 3PL’s clients. We improve the 3PL’s ability to react quickly to dynamic client needs while providing efficiency and accuracy in tracking, monitoring, and assigning specific services to all billable warehouse events. The solution is 3PL-centric that combines built-in warehouse management features with advanced multi-client 3PL capabilities that you define to meet the demands of each unique client, with their ever-changing business rules.

ProVision WMS Standard

Increase warehouse accuracy and efficiency with ProVision WMS Standard. WMS Standard is the ideal solution for less complex warehouse operations and a simple process flow. Our software also comes loaded with features to support inventory-related activities such as receiving, put-away, storage shipping, and everything in between. Additionally, you can receive vital statistics on labour, volume, and time spent on each activity.

ProVision WMS can streamline your processes and create greater efficiencies

Warehouse Management Systems are an essential solution to manage your current inventory online. Implementing a warehouse management system has the potential to increase sales for your business without the requirements to employ more staff within your current operations.

ProVision WMS has the functionality to increase speed and efficiency. Regarding warehouse picking operations which can accommodate your customer’s shipping demands. These increases in warehouse efficiency is also possible without forgoing operational flexibility.

Warehousing goods is a large investment and ongoing expense. A good Warehouse Management System has the functionality to get the products through it as fast as possible to maximize that investment.

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