Warehouse Overview

proVision WMS - Warehouse Operations

Warehouse Overview

ProVision WMS Warehouse Overview can cover a range of important areas from staging to bulk storage. Discover how implementing ProVision WMS can make your distribution and warehouse operations more cost-effective and efficient for your business.

Receiving Warehouse Overview - proVision WMS


ProVision WMS supports one-step receiving, where inventory is placed directly into a storage location or two-step receiving, where inventory is receiving into a receiving area and then putaway into storage locations. Our WMS records any damages, shortages or overages. In addition, since it is vital that inventory is barcoded, our system can generate barcode labels during receiving process, which can be affixed to the corresponding inventory.

QA Inspection Warehouse Overview - provision WMS

QA Inspection

You can readily identify when inventory in unavailable for picking through the QA process. Once inventory has passed QA, it is released into ‘good’ inventory and will be available to be picked for orders.

Directed Putaway - proVision WMS

Directed Putaway

Use our Directed Putaway feature for your inventory receiving or moving process. The rules are user-definable. Our WMS also gives the user the option of selecting another location, if need.

Bulk Storage - proVision WMS

Bulk Storage

Our system allows you to define a variation of storage areas, as needed. For example, you can define your primary picking areas and bulk or overstock areas.

Replenishment - proVision WMS


Keep your warehouse organized so pickers will know what areas they should not be directly picking from. Our system can identify what inventory needs to be proactively moved to pickable location.

ProVision WMS - Picking Warehouse Overview


Maximize picking efficiency and accuracy with a directed pick path, optimum pick quantities, first in, first out (FIFO) rules, a variety of picking methods, and automatic inventory updates. Our methods will reduce the need for re-checking the pick, eliminate paper pick slips and data entry updates.

Distribution Center - proVision WMS


We support a variety of counting methods, including cycle count and full inventory count. You are guaranteed continuity of service as your counts do not disrupt other warehouse activities, giving you the ability to keep fulfilling customer orders as needed.

Inventory Moves

ProVision WMS gives you a variety of options for moving inventory. Users can move an entire pallet or individual quantities and distribute the inventory to one or many locations. Additionally, warehouse managers can plan inventory movies on their PC and have the warehouse staff execute the moves.


staging - proVision WMS


With proVision WMS you can define staging rules for inventory including identifying specific staging areas, whether you are staging in an area designated for a specific carrier or if an order needs to be picked up or shipped.

Shipping Solutions available from proVision WMS


Seamlessly consolidate multiple orders into one shipment and record shipment details such as container IDS, weights, and costs.

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